Karmic Performance has the A/C Repair experience to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. We repair or replace:- 1. A/C compressors
2. Evaporative coil
3. A/C blower motor
4. A/C valves and couplers 
5. A/C mounting 
6. A/C Control panel 
7. A/C low/high pressure lines 
8. A/C fans or motors 
You’ll be amazed by the difference our A/C Repair services will make


Periodic service is required for better maintenance :-

(i) Checking - engine oil, gear box oil, power steering oil, brake oil.

(ii) Leakages are checked

(iii) Battery health is checked 

(iv) Brake master cylinder is checked.

(v) Topping up of coolant, if required, in the coolant reservoir. 

(vi) Checking the serviceability of cooling system hoses

(vii) Seals are checked. 

(viii) Turbos are checked 

(ix) suspensions -  replacement of hydraulic shocks, bushes, coils, link rods, lower arm, upper arm and leaf springs.

(x) engine and gear mounting is checked and replaced if required. 

(xi) power steering and electronic power steering - checked and repaired/replaced 


1. Installation of Upgraded car body kits.
2. Customised Paint jobs
3. Repairing of bumpers 
4. Aligning all four types of chassis - backbone chassis, monocoque chassis, ladder frame chassis and tubular chassis.
5. Repair dented vehicles 
6. Replacement of windshield 
7. Replacement of head lights, tail light, side view mirrors, rims.


CODING - Electronic Stability Control,Electronic Brake Force Distributor, Engine Drag Torque Control,Brake Bite Setting,Speed Chime Removal. 

CALIBRATION - We do calibration of :-

1.ECU with engine and chassis number. 

2. TCU with gear box 

3. New battery at the time of installation 

4. Brakes and brake sensor


Performance Enhancement with Reliability-

1. Brake upgrades

2.Suspension Upgrades depending upon use - Touring, Street Racing , Drag race, Rally, Drifting, Track racing.

3. Intake system upgrades 

4. Limited Slip Differential upgrades 

5. Upsizing turbo 

6. Upsizing intercooler

7. Upgrading to thicker injectors

8. Upgrading to bigger fuel pump