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Repair Services That We Offer

Engine upgrades and service

Improve engine performance or restore functionality.

Gearbox repair and upgrades

Fix or enhance your car's transmission system.

Car maintenance

Keep your car running smoothly with routine checkups and tune-ups.

Suspension upgrades and repair

Suspension upgrades and repair

Optimize Handling or Restore Ride Quality

Brake repair and upgrades

Enhance Stopping Power or Restore Safety

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Your Automotive Repair & Maintenance Service Specialist

Exclusive Services

Great Car Services

Great Car Services goes beyond repairs to optimize engine performance, electronics, and looks for a truly customized driving experience.

  • Custom Tuning

    Fine-tune your car's engine for specific needs (beyond basic maintenance).

  • Electrical work

    Address electrical issues or modify car's electrical systems.

  • Coding

    Reprogram your car's computer for adjustments or customizations.

  • Big brake kits

    Install high-performance braking systems for enhanced stopping power.

  • Exhaust systems installation

    Replace or modify the exhaust system for performance or sound.

  • Engine and gearbox swaps

    Replace the engine or gearbox entirely for competitive racing.

  • Denting

    Remove dents from your car's body.

  • Painting

    Repaint your car's exterior for a fresh look or repairs.

Our Customers Feedback

Jayanth Nischal
Jayanth Nischal
Shafi bhai is so knowledgeable person. He will suggest very genuinely about the issue in vehicle or any upgrades you need. He is doesn’t run behind money like any other garages.
syed mahamood
syed mahamood
Superb performance
Excellent work performance staff and boys very good and service also good so iam required visiting karmicperformance
Harminder Singh Sudan
Harminder Singh Sudan
I'm a regular at Karmic Performance, Supreet and Jamal Bhai make a great team. Tons of experience and honest advice on fixing issues. Highly recommended for periodic service and performance mods.
Mayur Bobba
Mayur Bobba
Took my Thar there for installation of ARC suspension. Prompt and timely service provided. Very happy with job done...


While we service a wide range of vehicles, it's always best to check with us about your specific car.

We offer a variety of upgrades depending on your goals. We can increase horsepower and torque, improve fuel efficiency, or enhance overall engine responsiveness.

Absolutely! We can diagnose and repair all types of transmission problems, from worn clutches to malfunctioning synchronizers.

  • Consult your owner's manual for recommended service intervals. Generally, it's wise to get a basic oil change and checkup every 5,000-10,000 kilometers.

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